About Us

H-seal started as custom concrete design and build firm creating luxury kitchens, interiors, wet rooms, bathrooms and custom built furniture using artisan concrete methods.

Over the years we have tried and tested hundreds of different products and methods for sealing the notoriously difficult to seal substrate. From topical sealers like polyurethanes, epoxies and paints, to synthetic penetrative sealers and some of the more natural solutions like waxes and oils.

We always struggled to find an all-in-one solution that provided not only a high performance waterproof finish and something that keeps the natural and often very raw texture and look to the concrete. But also something that our customers could easily apply themselves to maintain their installations for years to come without getting streak marks, providing an effortless professional finish.

After years of frustration we decided to just take the time to do the research and formulate a solution ourselves.

Using our hands-on knowledge of concrete and working with world-renown chemical engineers in Europe and incredibly rigorous testing on projects of our own and user testing out in the field, H-Seal emerged as the go to solution for an effortless professional finish for concrete projects of any kind.

H-Seal is a sophisticated one of a kind hybrid food safe blend of fluorocarbons, combined with a deep penetrating solution and topical sealer that not only penetrates and seals the substrate from within, but also makes it super hydrophobic and incredibly stable at high temperatures, making it ideal for kitchen use; outdoor BBQ’s and fire pits.

H-Seal is the only concrete sealer on the market that is not only food safe and waterproof, but it has a smooth and consistent clear Matt finish that gives the most natural look to the concrete and a temperature rating of up to 200°C / 392°F keeping your concrete project protected from burns and marks.

H-Seal provides an all-in-one solution for sealing any of your concrete projects to help you transform your solid cast invention into an artefact that you’ll admire for years to come.

Make you’re project FIRE with H-Seal.

We are all about teaching and enabling people to create exciting concrete projects of their own. And so we are also in development of a variety of concrete moulds, kits and instructional videos to aid users in making their own luxury sinks, furniture, kitchen and bathroom ornaments, concrete pottery and much more. Watch this space for professionally crafted yet attainable composite concrete moulds, for creating luxury interior design installations for your next project.