H-Seal Concrete

H-SEAL Concrete COUNTERTOP / WORKTOP Sealer | Food Safe | HIGH Temp | MATT Finish | Waterproof | UV Resistant

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Number 1 Food Safe Concrete Countertop / Worktop Sealer on Amazon for 11 months running. Selected as Amazon Choice and Best Seller product 2020.

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  • OVERVIEW: H-Seal is a food safe, solvent free, water-based concrete sealer designed for food preparation surfaces, bathrooms and outdoor applications. It is heat resistant up to 200°C making it great for use with hot pans and BBQ's and has a delicate matt finish which sets it apart from its American competitors. It provides protection for 10+ years with proper maintenance and is design for use in direct sunlight. H-Seal goes far! With coverage between 5-12m2 depended on surface roughness.
  • FOOD SAFE & WATERPROOF: H-Seal is designed specifically for concrete countertops, sinks, food preparation surfaces, bathrooms and outdoor applications. The sealer absorbs deep into the pores of the concrete to stop water right in its tracks. Instead water is rejected and just sits on the surface ready to be wiped away or trickle down the drain.
  • MATT FINISH & STREAK-FREE: H-Seal sets itself apart from its American competitors with its smooth and consistent matt finish. It is super easy to apply and leaves a streak-free finish with a subtle shimmer that gives the most natural look to the concrete. See images for reference.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE: Rated up to 200 °C, it is great for use with searing hot pans, oven baking trays in the kitchen and even for more exotic applications like outdoor fire pits and barbeques.
  • COVERAGE: H-Seal goes a long way! 1 litre will cover 5-12m2 depending on the surface roughness. The smoother the surface the less sealer needed. For example for surfaces polished to between 1200-3000 grit H-Seal can cover up to 10-12 m2 and even more.